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Kendall Rae Johnson, the prodigious young farmer from Atlanta, Georgia, who, at the tender age of 8, has already earned the esteemed title of "The youngest certified farmer," as declared by Arthur Tripp, Georgia's State Executive Director of Agriculture. From playful encounters with soil at the age of 3 to blossoming into an agricultural sensation, Kendall Rae's journey is nothing short of extraordinary.

Rooted in the heart of Atlanta, Kendall Rae, as affectionately known, inherited her green thumb from the wisdom of her great-grandmother, Laura "Kate" Williams. Inspired by Kate's teachings, Kendall Rae's agricultural venture began on a humble yet powerful patio porch, where collard green stems were not discarded but nurtured back into the earth. The magic of growth sparked in this tranquil space, where seeds of cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, and recycled collard green stems sowed the seeds of her passion.

From those humble beginnings, Kendall Rae witnessed the transformation of tiny seeds and stems into a vibrant garden, adorned with a colorful array of vegetables destined for her family's table. Today, Kendall Rae has metamorphosed her love for cultivation into a thriving enterprise – aGROWKulture Urban Farm. She is also the Co-Founder of Kendall Rae's Green Heart Charity, a testament to her commitment to making a positive impact.

Beyond her garden, Kendall Rae is the author of "I'm Growing Places," a recently published book aimed at instilling an understanding of food cultivation among youth from pre-k to 5th grade. Her advocacy extends to hosting and producing events in and around Atlanta, championing youth involvement in agriculture, sustainability, and eco-conscious living.

Kendall Rae's influence goes far beyond Georgia's borders; she is a beacon of inspiration for young minds across the nation. As an advocate and spokesperson for the little people of Georgia and beyond, she lives by the mantra, "Meet New Friends, Make New Things, and Inspire Other Kids" Her journey from a playful start with collard green stems to a champion for sustainable living is nothing short of magical.

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And then, I went viral

TV + News + Credits

Good Morning America





Sesame Street

Farm Monitor

Now This News

MSNBC with Zerlia

ABC Nightly News with David Muir

BNC’s AMplified with Aisha Mills

E.W. Scripps with Jesse Cohen

Nightly News - Kids Edition - with Lester Holt

Channel 11 Alive

Fox 5

Fox Weather

Portia Fox



Fulton County TV


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Print + Magazine

Southern Living

The Washington Post

Highlights Kids Magazine

Georgia Magazine

City Lifestyle Magazine

The Atlanta Voice

Agritourism Life Magazine

New Moon Magazine

Jack & Jill Magazine

US Today

Social Impact + Influence

  • The Home Depot Youth Gardener Influencer
  • Lettuce Grow - Influencer
  • The Breman Museum
  • The Rosa Parks Project
  • PlantLanta University Youth Instructor
  • Phytobiomes Conference Panelist -Denver
  • Boyd Elementary School - Career Day STEAMology Day
  • Better Together Podcast
  • The Shade Room
  • Black Enterprise
  • Dr. Teal’s Soicial Media Commercial

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Awards & Nominations

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City of South Fulton - Mayor William "Bill" Edwards - Proclamation

Georgia Department of Agriculture - Commissioner Gary Black - Proclamation

Fulton County Commissioners Board - Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman - Proclamation

Congresswoman Nikema Williams - Proclamation

Angela Moore - Ag Hero Day - Georgia Resolution - Kendall Rae Johnson Day

The Green Heart Festival - Proclamation - Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman

Childrens and Family EMMY - Nomination - Outstanding Children’s Non-Fiction Program

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(Career Day Visits, Black History, Women’s History, National Ag Week, Earth Day)

Farm Tours & Conferences

Agriculture Demonstration

(Pollination, Pollinators, Composting, Plant Life Cycle, Vermiculture,


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